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Our factory possesses advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring the production of durable and reliable bolts that can withstand high loads, we also has skilled and experienced workforce that is adept at producing high-quality bolts with precision and accuracy. Additionally, the factory maintains strict quality control measures throughout the production process, ensuring consistent product excellence.
The high-strength flange face DIN6921 bolts are commonly used in applications where a secure and leak-proof connection is required between two flanged components. The quality requirements for these bolts are vital to ensure their performance and reliability.

1.Material: High-strength flange face bolts should be made from high-grade alloy steel, such as 10.9 or 12.9. The material should meet the specified chemical composition, ensuring high tensile and yield strength.
2.Dimensional accuracy: The bolts must conform to the dimensional requirements specified in DIN6921. This includes the proper diameter, thread pitch, length, and flange face dimensions. The dimensional accuracy ensures proper fit and alignment between the flanges.
3.Thread quality: The bolt threads must be precisely machined and conform to the specified thread profile and pitch. This ensures smooth and secure engagement with the corresponding nuts or tapped holes in the flanges.
4.Flange face surface finish: The flange face on the bolts should have a smooth and flat surface finish to ensure proper sealing when compressed against the flange surfaces. The surface roughness should comply with the specified requirements to prevent leakage.
5.Coating and protection: High-strength flange bolts should have an appropriate protective coating, such as zinc plating or coating, to provide corrosion resistance. The coating should comply with relevant standards to ensure longevity and reliability.
6.Mechanical properties: The bolts should undergo mechanical testing to verify their tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness. These properties ensure the bolts can withstand high loads and maintain their structural integrity.
7.Quality control and certification: The production process should adhere to strict quality control procedures, including material inspection, dimensional checks, and mechanical testing. The bolts should be accompanied by relevant certification, such as material certificates and test reports.

By meeting these quality requirements, high-strength flange face bolts ensure a reliable and durable connection between flanged components. This guarantees the integrity and safety of the assembled flanged structures, avoiding leakage and maintaining operational efficiency.


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