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Our factory was set up in 2003, we have professional technical group and sales group to ensure our quality and service, we can accept OEM packing, if customer has special request about cartons and pallet, and we can design according to customer’s request.

DIN934 hex nut is a common nut for pairing with bolts. According to international standards, DIN 934 hex nuts have the following grades:
1.Level 4: Usually used in general industrial and civil fields, such as furniture, mechanical equipment, construction, etc.
2.Level 6: Higher precision and strength requirements, used in industrial and mechanical equipment fields, such as automobiles, ships, aviation, etc.
3.Class 8: has the highest strength and endurance requirements, and is usually used in applications with high strength requirements, such as bridges, building structures, high-pressure vessels, etc.

DIN 934 hex nuts can be paired with bolts or screws of corresponding material and size. They are widely used in various industries and fields, such as machinery manufacturing, construction engineering, automobile manufacturing, energy industry, etc. According to the specific needs and usage scenarios, choose the appropriate grade and size of DIN 934 hexagon nuts to ensure safe and reliable screw connections.


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